Internship Details

About the Students

From all universities in The Netherlands

Business related studies

Bachelor and Master Degree

Between 18 and 25 years old


About the internship

Duration: mostly 20 weeks*

Starting Dates: February and September each year (fixed)*

Suitable positions: Sales, Content, Marketing, Finance, Business Development, Product Management, etc.

Working hours: fulltime

*Some uni’s do 10-12 weeks starting in April/May.


Research Project

Most students have to conduct a research project during the internship about a specific issue related to the company. They will spend 4-8 hours per week on this project. The topic of the research project will be discussed with the company supervisor.

For example: draw up a Marketing & Social Media Plan,
Develop a new Product, Conduct Competitive Analysis, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Devising & Organizing Events.


Company Requirements

Company size: > 10 FTE

Established: more than 2 years ago

Intern will get their own desk, computer and access to Internet.

The intern will be supervised by a company supervisor.


The intern is allowed to work on a research project for 4-8 hours per week.

The intern will get a minimum allowance of RM500 per month.

The company

  • arranges a valid student/work visa or;
  • agrees with a 90-day tourist visa

How do we work?

We propose your internship vacancies to our students. When a student is interested to apply, we will send you their profile and arrange a Skype interview.

When you decide to hire the student, we will follow up with their uni and prepare them fully for their stay in Malaysia.

You just have to wait until the intern steps into your office and have a lot of tasks ready from the first minute.

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